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Website closed on 20th April 2013
I very much regret that the Badgeshop Ireland website was closed down at the end of business on Friday 20th April, 2013. This is because of a reduction in postal services and new charges by the UK's Royal Mail which came into effect on 30th April, 2013. Since Royal Mail has a total monopoly on handling letters and light-weight small packets from the UK to overseas destinations there are no alternatives available.

Royal Mail have decided to restrict the Surface Mail service to the Irish Republic to non-commercial items only, and they have increased the minimum cost for business letters and small packets by airmail from 1.75 to 3.40 - a hard-to-justify increase of 60%. Adding the average cost of packaging materials and petrol for taking items to my local post office means that shipping even a single badge to Ireland will now cost 3.80. That's almost as much as another badge for goodness sake!

In my opinion it is simply too much and I have little doubt my regular customers in Ireland will feel the same way. And who could blame them?

How to place an order after 20th April 2012


Visit the UK website at and place your order in GB Pounds in the usual way. Before checking out go to the Shipping page and add the Ireland Airmail supplementary charge of GBP 2.00 to your order - that's about 2.50. There's a reminder about this on the order form.

If you don't add this supplementary charge to your order it will get cancelled and refunded to your PayPal or card account.
I will send a note with the refund so you'll know that if you still want the badge(s) you will need to re-order.


If you happen to know someone in the 6 counties and are close enough to meet up with them occasionally, you could perhaps order from the UK website at: and (with their permission) give their UK address for the delivery.
This is probably the best option for anyone resident in the Republic but employed by the NHS within Northern Ireland. Because you will have work colleagues who can receive UK mail on your behalf and pass it on at work.

Apart from these two methods I'm afraid there are no other alternatives, because so far as I am aware there are no suppliers in the Republic of Ireland who offer similar products.

So I'll close by offering my apologies if you are inconvenienced by the closure. Thank you all for your support over the past 8 years and if you decide not to go ahead with an order I'll be sorry to lose your valued custom and say a sad goodbye.

With my best wishes for the future,
Bob Oswald
The Badge Shop